Unique experiences

Discover the most unforgettable eco-friendly experiences in our surroundings:

Practice Fjaka - Dalmatian Zen

Most of us struggle throughout our lives by giving too much focus in situations where our energy does not deserve to be given. Practice a subtle art of caring, but not that much. Fjaka is a "psychophysical state of mind with aspiration for nothing". Try it and experience that sublime state of mind and body to which all humanity aspires.

Choose your ideal eco massage for relaxation

You can book your relaxing massage inside or if you want in the garden or poolside. The massage service that we offer is done with professional and qualified therapist.

You can select between different types of anti-stress massages, Tui-na massage and special treatments. We also try to generate the lowest environmental impact, by using oils made with herbs that grow in Dalmatia.

Discover local spots by bike

Dalmatian countryside holds an irresistible attraction as it remains predominantly rural. Immerse in traditional rural lifestyle and take memorable photos. Explore old village of Vrsine, rows of dry stone walls, olive groves and charmingly sited stone houses.
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Tibetan Yoga

Enrich your day with Tibetan Yoga session

Indulge yourself in a private Tibetan Yoga class with Sylvia Nunescertified Yoga instructor and holistic therapist. In our garden and its surroundings, you’ll find plenty of enchanting spots to unwind and transform your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and stimulate equilibrium with the environment.

Buy fresh microgreens, full of nutrition and flavor

Our village is known for local production of organic microgreens, since their introduction to the gourmet restaurant scene. These aromatic greens are rich in flavor and contain higher nutrient levels than more mature vegetable greens. Take a walk to our neighbor and buy this delicious superfood for your nutritious plant-based meals and smoothies.


Taste Golden Olive Oil and experience the tradition of olive harvesting

This unique experience is all about tasting high-quality extra virgin olive oil, infused with gold flakes. Golden olive oil does not alter the taste of food, but rather highlights its aroma. Visit OPG Šalov, learn why Dalmatian olive oils are considered world-class, and taste different varietal oils and blends.

olive oil
olive oil with gold
Olive harvesting

In Dalmatia the tradition of harvesting olives begins in late October and usually continues until mid-December. The olive harvest re-connects people with nature, and it is genuinely rewarding experience when you taste traditionally made local olive oil. Visit us and you too can try your hand at harvesting.

Visit Historic City of Trogir

Take a walk in the stunning old town of Trogir, best known today as one of Croatia’s 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Trogir is situated only 10 kilometers from our Villa and has become a very popular tourist attraction, as visitors marvel as its compact old town and breathe in centuries of history.

Historic City of Trogir